Zeevex Prepaid Social Game Cards Gaining Traction

Leading online game publishers Gameforge, Hangout Industries and Lionsugard Technologies will become part of Zeevex’s Prepaid Game Card Network nationally available at 31,000 retail locations in the U.S. including GameStop, Blockbuster, Rite Aid and others. Zeevex’s acquisition by InComm, a technology innovator of prepaid products, in 2010 allowed them to proliferate their monetization solutions that many publishers are finding valuable in monetizing their digital content.

Using the nationally abundant Zeevex Xtreme Game Cards, Gameforge, Hangout Industries, and Lionsugard Technologies will be able to sell their virtual offerings in over 31,000 retail locations as a result of the newly forged partnership. In addition to accessing online gift cards and gamer-friendly virtual currency, the prominent game publishers will benefit from the user acquisition and retention capabilities of the Zeevex Digital Locker, a tool that allows gamers to manage their virtual lives.

“We are very excited to continue to sign up new partners who can immediately benefit from the monetization opportunities that Zeevex provides,” said Brian Parlotto, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and International. “Our Zeevex virtual currency platform not only provides our game partners with immediate revenue opportunities, but it also allows us to drive new business and revenue into our industry-leading retail distribution network. Everyone wins.”

Zeevex’s partner directory includes games like Runes of Magic, Barn Buddy, and many others coming soon.

About the publishers

Gameforge is one of the largest indie global providers of online games that are localized in over 50 languages.

Hangout industries is a social gaming platform focused on community and viral growth mechanisms.

Lionsguard Technologies offers persistent browser-based RPG and casual games along with game development consulting services.

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