ZeptoLab still sweet on puzzle solving with new IP Pudding Monsters

Cut the Rope maker ZeptoLab has finally taken the wraps of its new game, Pudding Monsters.

A puzzle adventure game, Pudding Monsters challenges players to guide a cute and sticky group of monsters out from the fridge and all the way into the big city as they attempt to rescue a missing friend.

The title will be just the third original game for the studio, which burst onto the scene when it released Cut the Rope in October 2010. One of the first big breakout mobile games, ZeptoLab followed up on the success of the original game with a sequel, Cut the Rope: Experiments in August 2011. Now ZeptoLab UK Limited, the company describes itself as “global gaming and entertainment company” and has signed licensing deals with Hasbro, Mattel and Sony Pictures to capitalize on the appeal of Om Nom, the hungry alien hero of the Cut the Rope franchise.

While ZeptoLab is no doubt hoping its new cast of visually appealing sweet heros will make Pudding Monsters as popular as Cut the Rope has been (both as a game and as a brand) the market has changed significantly in two years. With much more competition and a lot more marketing money being thrown around, even Rovio have struggled to replicate the blockbuster success of the original Angry Birds with new titles like Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies. That said, the first two Cut the Rope games have collectively racked up more than 250 million downloads, giving ZeptoLab a formidable built-in userbase to promote Pudding Monsters to.

Puddling Monsters is set to hit smartphones later in December, in time for the holiday season.