Zombie Highway Drives up the Charts After Going the Free Way

Released on iOS platforms by developer renderPaz more than a year ago, arcade-style driving game Zombie Highway has shot up the App Store charts recently thanks to a promotion whereby the game is being offered free-of-charge for an undisclosed period of time. As of this writing, the game is sitting in the No. 7 spot, having reached as high as No. 1.

A universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Zombie Highway is an endless driving game that has players attempting to get as far as possible on a desolate highway while being beset by the undead zombie horde. As players drive, their car (an SUV for starters, with a Humvee and souped-up SUV unlockable) attracts zombies that jump onto it, clinging onto its left and right sides while attempting to tip it over. In order to get them off, players must try and side-swipe burnt out wrecks that litter the highway, or shoot them off using a large variety of guns.

Zombies attach to the front and back of both the car’s sides, requiring players to tap the screen near one of these quadrants in order to fire in the right direction. Some weapons fire faster, some hold more ammo and others deal more damage. Ammo is limited and the guns must reload, adding a good deal of strategy. Performing certain in-game feats, such as driving a specific distance, will unlock new weapons, although they can also be purchased for real money via in-app purchases.

Players have to deal with different types of zombies, as well, including larger, extremely tough ones and ones that regenerate health over time. If the zombies manage to tip the vehicle over, or if players run directly into any obstacles, the game ends in defeat.

Zombie Highway features Game Center integration for leaderboards, in addition to the ability to tweet and post high scores to Facebook. A limited lite version of the game is also available and will remain free even after the full release goes back up in price to $0.99.

You can follow Zombie Highway’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.

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