Zut Alors: Glam One Launches 13 New Verticals

Back in March, Brisbane-based Glam Media debuted its new French site, glammedia.fr, which offered news on fashion, luxury and lifestyle issues (Like: How does one remove chihuahua feces from the lining of one’s Louis Vuitton?). When we posted that story, we received a concerned comment from one Arnaud Fischer, who said his company, Glam One, was the rightful owner of the “Glam” name in France:

Glam One is the holder of several French trademarks protecting the word “Glam” for products and services of classes 35, 38 and 41, including the French trademark “Glam” No. 3253547 registered with the French Intellectual Property office (INPI) on October 27th, 2003. Therefore any unauthorized commercial use of the word “Glam” for goods or services similar to those of classes 35, 38 or 41 constitutes trademark infringement and could lead to criminal prosecution.

Now, Fischer’s company, Glam One (et pas Glam Media) is announcing the launch of no less than 13 new verticals:

GlamBook.com and GlamParis.com for fashion professionals, models, photographers and stylists

GlamFame.com, GlamAct.com, and GlamShows.com for show business professionals, actors, producers and directors

GlamPitch.com and GlamFree.com for advertising, media, public relations and communication professionals

GlamChic.com and GlamSport.com for events and sport professionals

GlamTechno.com for technology and GlamAero.com for aviation, airlines, avionics, aircrafts & aerospace professionals

GlamFin.com and GlamCompta.com for accountants, finance and banking professionals

GlamMD.com and GlamMedic.com for healthcare and medical professionals

GlamTour.com for tourism and hospitality professionals

GlamReal.com for real estate professionals, realtors, property managers and brokers

GlamLegal.com for law professionals, attorneys, lawyers and paralegals

GlamLabel.com and GlamZic.com for music professionals, authors and producers

Hm. Seems a little exclusive.

Says Fischer of his company:

We had a good first quarter and April marked our 6th straight month of consecutive viral organic adoption at a triple digit average growth rate. We upgraded our hosting solution for improved speed and stability, and kept releasing new verticals and functionalities at a good pace. Glam is now well positioned to benefit from distribution and integration partnerships.

Glam One, according to their press release, owns over “500 2-sylable” [sic] “glam” domains.

We should note that, when Mr. Fischer first contacted us about Glam Media allegedly stepping in on his company’s territory, we reached out to Glam Media for comment and received no response.

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