Zynga Announces New CIO: Cisco’s Debra Chrapaty

In the latest indicator of Zynga’s maturation as a technology company, it is hiring veteran information tech executive Debra Chrapaty to be its new chief information officer.

Chrapaty has an extensive background at big tech companies, including a three-year stint as president of E*Trade in the late 90s, seven years as a corporate vice president at Microsoft, and mostly recently a year and a half as the senior vice president of collaborative software at Cisco.

While Zynga has been hiring veteran technologists since its early days, and has been especially successful in building out its own infrastructure to supports its many large games, the CIO position is to our knowledge new. And we don’t have much more information about what Chrapaty is doing (although we’re asking Zynga to share more, and we’ll update if we hear back). A press release sent to us by the company says that she’ll report to chief technology officer Cadir Lee, and it includes her official statement about the job:

Through its focus on leading technology, Zynga is redefining how we look at play. My job will be to make it easier for our employees to design and build for play. I am looking forward to tackling Zynga’s unique technology challenges and helping develop infrastructure systems to ensure that we have the most scalable, secure, and reliable systems in place.

Zynga has been busy showing off its ability to attract top talent this week. On Monday, it announced that DreamWorks chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg is joining the company’s board of directors.

[Image via All Things D.]