Zynga announces transfer of YoVille to Big Viking Games


After weeks of anticipation, Zynga has announced it has come to a definitive agreement with Big Viking Games (BVG), which will see the YoVille Facebook game transferred wholesale to BVG for operation going forward. This news comes after Zynga’s original decision, in January 2014, to close YoVille, and the passionate response from players urging Zynga to reconsider.

The game’s original creator, Greg Thomson of Big Viking Games, immediately jumped into the mix, saying the company would be happy to discuss buying the game and operating it to prevent its closure.

As of March 6, Zynga had reversed its decision to close the game on its original date of March 31, but the game’s ultimate fate was still in the air. Now, players have been alerted to the transfer news on the game’s forums.

The transfer of YoVille to Big Viking Games is expected to conclude by May 12, when the game will become “YoWorld.” This transfer will include all individual game histories and account details, and will see the game going offline for around 24 hours. If users would like to remove their accounts and personal information from the system, they’re encouraged to fill out an account deletion form.

BVG has created a website for the game, complete with a series of answers to questions players might have about the transition, and a statement on the development.

“This turn of events is without precedent, and it never could have happened without your endless support and campaigning. We are blown away by your love and devotion for the game, and the fact that you never gave up hope. You have truly shown us what the community is made of, and we at Big Viking Games are both proud and honored to be lucky enough to work with you in ushering in a new era of the game.

So what does the future of YoWorld look like? We’ll go into more detail on this next, but the plan is simple: Make the game bigger and better. Fix the bugs and loopholes. Work with players to create exciting new content and features that everyone will love.”

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