Zynga, FC Barcelona and Food in This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Zynga’s back on top again this week on our weekly list of the top 20 Facebook Pages with the most new fans, as measured by Inside Facebook’s PageData tool. FC Barcelona’s recent win over Arsenal also added a few soccer/football-related Pages to the mix, in addition to regulars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, Facebook was also on the list, as was Starbucks and other food-related Pages.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Texas Hold’em Poker 16,431,797 +600,778 +3.79
2. Mafia Wars 11,565,127 +362,550 +3.24
3. Kitkat 764,544 +299,128 +64.27
4. FaceMoods 1,748,448 +261,613 +17.60
5. The Last Song 470,419 +181,388 +62.76
6. Justin Bieber 2,663,130 +157,075 +6.27
7. The Artifice 3,485,945 +108,092 +3.20
8. Facebook 8,073,855 +104,706 +1.31
9. Lionel Messi 1,608,345 +102,382 +6.80
10. Lady Gaga 6,076,521 +94,070 +1.57
11. Facebook Site Governance 1,341,187 +93,872 +7.53
12. Mozilla Firefox 1,249,700 +88,841 +7.65
13. Ricky Martin 278,608 +80,905 +40.92
14. American Eagle Outfitters 994,185 +79,972 +8.75
15. YouTube 4,705,035 +74,741 +1.61
16. Starbucks 6,529,952 +68,281 +1.06
17. Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts 1,322,815 +58,763 +4.65
18. FC Barcelona 1,600,524 +54,477 +3.52
19. Skittles 4,192,264 +54,101 +1.31
20. iTunes 3,399,779 +52,381 +1.56

Last week Kit Kat split up Zynga’s top games, Texas Hold’em Poker (first) and Mafia Wars (second), but this week the candy’s Page was pushed down to third. Poker added almost 601,000 fans last week and is now inching towards 17 million fans and Mafia Wars added 362,550 fans with more than 11.5 million.

Trying to figure out why these Pages are so popular inevitably leads to the conclusion that the games themseles are just really popular. However, their Pages are chock full of updates, such as a recent $25 million contest on Poker and Mafia Wars status updates urging fans to invite bookmark the Page and sign up for SMS notifications. This is likely making the Pages even more popular.

As previously mentioned, Kit Kat candy bars was in third place this week, but there were no recent posts on the Page that added 299,000 fans to its base of 765,000. Maybe the Page is still getting attention because of a recent snafu with Greenpeace?

Other food-related Pages on the list this week included Starbucks at number 16, adding 68,200 fans to grow to more than 6.5 million, followed by Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts breakfast pastries which has a Page that offers free virtual stuff and is promoting pastry-themed music on the Page and Skittles at number 19, which doesn’t seem to have done anything other than grow by 28,300 on April 8, perhaps because of a Page consolidation effort.

The emoticon app FaceMoods’ Page was fourth, adding 261,600 fans to total 1.7 million, but the Page has been working hard to get there, asking fans several times in status updates (in all caps, no less) to “invite your friends to join our Page. Plus, the app recently added Twilight-themed emoticons.

Teeny bopper chick flick “The Last Song,” showed strong growth over the weekend to take fifth place, adding 181,400 fans, but growth fell flat during the week. Another teeny bopper, singer Justin Bieber, took sixth place, adding 157,000 fans to his 2.6 million fanbase, probably because he’s currently promoting his new album in magazines and on television, most notably as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

That which shall not be defined, “The Artifice,” was seventh this week, adding 108,000 fans to almost 3.5 million followers, amazing given that there’s still no information available about what exactly this Page is about. Its original launch date was moved to April, and then moved again to May so we’re still waiting to find out. Facebook’s Page was number 8 on the list, adding 104,700 fans to its 8 million-plus following with a jump of 62,800 on April 8, probably a Page consolidation.

Perhaps the most interesting additions to the list this week were soccer/football star Lionel Messi’s addition to ninth place and his team FC Barcelona’s spot at number 18. Tuesday Messi’s team, FC Barcelona, beat the English football club Arsenal in an impressive display of athletic prowess where he scored four goals that had commentators the world over singing his praises. Consequently, Messi seems to have added 102,400 or so fans to his Page and FC Barcelona added 54,500 or so; both have about 1.6 million fans.

Random Pages made up the rest of the list, this includes Lady Gaga adding 94,000 fans to her 6 million-plus fans (she’s currently on tour and is headlining the Lollapalooza music festival) and eleventh place’s Facebook Site Governance Page which added about 94,000 to its 1.3 million fan count (probably because of user feedback regarding new new terms of service changes). Twelfth place was occupied by Mozilla Firefox for unknown reasons; the Page added almost 89,000 fans to its 1.2 million base this week.

We saw Ricky Martin on the list again this week; the Puerto Rican singer revealed that he was gay last week, prompting a huge surge in his fan numbers. This week he added about 81,000 fans to his 278,600 but there doesn’t appear to be much activity otherwise. Following Martin was the American Eagle Outfitters Page at number 14, which added about 80,000 fans to its 994,000 base and the iTunes Page rounded out the list, adding about 52,400 fans to 3.4 million.

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