Zynga’s Next Game, Kingdoms & Quest, Outed by Support Page

Sharp-eyed Zynga fans at Mafia Wars Maniac and Games.com found support pages for Kingdoms & Quests, a game that appears to be Zynga’s next new title after the recently-announced Adventure World.

The support pages cited by Games.com have since been removed and the game cannot be accessed on Facebook in the U.S. but may be available in Australia. The blog reports, however, that a beginner’s guide describes gameplay as a role-playing adventure where players expand a kingdom by collecting resources to construct buildings and clear land. Games.com goes on to say that combat will be the key focus of the game with players creating combat units to do battle with monsters in order to gain resources. There is no mention of player versus player combat in the beginner’s guide.

Zynga’s strategy title, Empires & Allies, was the developer’s first stab at a combat game. It currently has 40.8 million monthly active users and 6.5 million daily active users as recorded by our traffic tracking service, AppData. Given these numbers, it’s not difficult to conclude that Zynga would want to have more combat games, particularly if the core gameplay mechanic (clear land, building structures) is already familiar to its user base. Moreover, the fantasy RPG setting is one Zynga hasn’t explored before in its previous games, making Kingdoms & Quests a logical combination of what Zynga already knows and what it hasn’t done yet.

Adventure World, a puzzle role-playing game from Zynga Boston, is expected to launch this month. You can find out more about the game here.

UPDATE: Adventure World has officially launched.

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