Zynga Launches CSR Racing 2 on iOS, Android

The drag-racing game allows players to compete against the computer or other players in multiple race modes, including ladder and regulation races, crew battles, live multiplayer races and more.

Zynga announced the launch of CSR Racing 2 (CSR2) on mobile. Developed by Zynga’s NaturalMotion studio, the drag-racing game is the sequel to the original CSR Racing. In CSR2, players can compete against the computer or other players in multiple race modes, including ladder and regulation races, crew battles, live multiplayer races and more.


Before each race, players can tap a gas pedal button to rev their engines. This causes the needle to move across the tachometer at the bottom of the screen. Players have the goal of keeping the needle in the green area on the tachometer to achieve “perfect starts” in races. Once races begin, users are challenged to tap the plus button to shift gears as the needle reaches the green area on the tachometer for each gear.

Users receive money as they complete races, which can be spent on car upgrades. Users can purchase upgrades in multiple categories (tires, transmission, engine, nitrous, etc.), with each upgrade affecting a car’s stats (power, grip, shift time and weight). Once users reach certain upgrade levels for specific categories in their cars, they’ll unlock tuning, which allows them to further modify their cars’ stats without spending additional money.

In addition to performance upgrades, users can spend free and premium currency on visual changes for their vehicles. NaturalMotion worked with every car manufacturer featured in CSR2, including Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, to ensure that each car was accurately re-created in the game.

Users can interact with their vehicles in between races to view each car’s details. This includes the ability to open a vehicle’s hood or doors, as examples. Users can take pictures or videos of their vehicles and share them with others on social media. Gamers can purchase additional cars from the store using free or premium currency, or they can win them through the game’s story mode.

Finally, in addition to live multiplayer matches, the game includes a multiplayer crew feature, which allows users to join crews, or clubs, with other players. Gamers can chat with other users in their crews, and they can also unlock boosts and other content via crew perks. Crews can compete against one another to earn respect points.

In a statement, Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion, commented:

CSR Racing has a passionate fan base that lives and breathes the world of cars. With more than 190 million downloads by auto enthusiasts around the world, the original CSR Racing and CSR Classics brought never-before-seen levels of visual fidelity and vehicle authenticity to the racing genre on mobile. In CSR2, we’ve built on this legacy by amplifying the drag racing experience and introducing new social elements, higher-fidelity graphics and enhanced levels of customization to create the most immersive and realistic mobile racing experience for our players.

CSR2 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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