Zynga Launches Enrique Iglesias Campaign in CityVille

Zynga is launching a CityVille campaign next week that integrates singer Enrique Iglesias into the game to promote his Euphoria Tour.

Starting October 4th, players over level 6 can interact with an Enrique Iglesias avatar within their city. Themed reward and collection items like clothing and a Miami high-rise are also part of the campaign, along with quests that net the player Enrique Iglesias posters. The main feature of the integration is a Euphoria Arena structure that players can complete to unlock an in-game preview of Iglesias’s latest music video, “I Like How it Feels.”

At face value, the Enrique Iglesias-CityVille integration seems to be on a smaller scale than Zynga’s springtime GagaVille campaign for Lady Gaga. For example, players aren’t getting early access to multiple songs and there’s no secondary integration with other Zynga titles like Words With Friends on mobile. Additionally, there’s no contest elements for players to win merchandise or concert tickets.

On the other hand, CityVille has the larger audience, which translates to more reach for the campaign. The campaign is also more demanding of players, which could lead to higher player engagement. It’ll be interesting to see if it also leads to an influx of players similar to what GagaVille drove to FarmVille. In that instance, however, the real spike in traffic came when unreleased Gaga tracks were made available in-game.

According to our AppData traffic tracking service, CityVille currently enjoys 71.3 million monthly active users and 13.1 million daily active users. The game launched in December of last year, quickly becoming the largest social game on Facebook. Traffic for the game has been in steady decline since March.

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