Zynga Removes Pitbulls From Mafia Wars Following PETA Complaint

Following a complaint from PETA against a “chained, snarling pit bull” as a weapon in the Facebook game Mafia Wars, Zynga has removed the dog from the game. In a statement from PETA, the organization stated that they will be “sending vegan chocolates to Zynga founder and CEO Mark Pincus to thank him for his compassionate decision.” It’s not a surprising move considering Mark’s love for dogs.

The complaint from PETA and follow-up response from Zynga highlights how large of an impact Facebook games are having in our culture. While there are plenty of sites that have images of Pitbull’s as angry animals, PETA clearly chooses to target those organizations who have the greatest reach. With more than 23 million monthly active users, Mafia Wars serves as excellent target.

Pitbull image via Canpages.