Zynga Steps Up Their Data Analysis With Tableau Business Intelligence

Zynga, a leading social games developer, has selected Tableau Software to provide data visualization and real-time interactive data analysis. Tableau Software’s business intelligence suite will help extract valuable information and insight from the tremendous amounts of data (around 3 Terabytes to be precise) Zynga games generate. As a leading provider of enhanced business intelligence software, this choice will prove to be fruitful for Zynga as the titan continues to dominate the social gaming scene with more than 60 million active users playing its games everyday.

“Analytics are core to our business — Zynga’s 235 million active users produce a huge volume of data which our analysts use to improve the game experience for our users,” said Zynga’s General Manager of Analytics, Ken Rudin. “We need a business intelligence solution that will enable any of our employees to quickly analyze and understand how our user and game data can be leveraged to help us create the most compelling social games. Tableau Software was the ideal choice for a number of reasons; it’s powerful, highly interactive, easy to integrate into our existing infrastructure and makes it much easier to identify actionable insights and share them throughout the company.”

Some of Tableau’s award-winning products include browser-based business analytics, visual reports and interactive dashboards. Ken Rudin, Zynga’s VP of Analytics, is leading this shift in Zynga’s strategy as it makes a possible leap away from Facebook, although its too early to tell. The idea seems to be to connect Zynga employees with Tableau’s solutions that will allow them to access data sources in real-time, create reports, deploy dashboards and share their work with anyone using a browser. The ability to take advantage of live analytics will allow Zynga to create the most compelling user experiences possible.

“With the amount of data Zynga captures daily, our rapid-fire business intelligence and business analytics capabilities match Zynga’s analytical prowess uniquely,” said Tableau’s CEO and co-founder Christian Chabot. “With Tableau, Zynga can unearth vast amounts of user data in real-time, which will enable them to quickly make product decisions focused on creating the best social gaming experience.”

As a leader navigating through a gauntlet of uncertainty, Zynga will continue to push for efficiency and a strategic edge over its competitors and this move seems to position Zynga as a serious force in the gaming space in the times to come.