Zynga’s FarmVille: Harvest Swap Launches on Mobile

Zynga's match-three puzzle game sees players harvesting crops as they complete jobs around the farm.

Social and mobile game company Zynga has announced the worldwide release of FarmVille: Harvest Swap on mobile devices. The match-three game features 160 levels at launch, challenging players to complete specific challenges with the help of popular FarmVille characters.

In FarmVille: Harvest Swap, each level has a different goal, from earning a large amount of points to collecting large amounts of specific crops, as examples. The level map is split into 10 story-based regions, each with an overall theme. For instance, the first chapter sees players working to put out a barn fire, while the second focuses on luring out bunnies who have taken over the farm.

Levels can be completed in a traditional match-three fashion, by swapping the locations of two touching crops to create lines of three or more matching symbols. However, an additional twist sees players creating square matches to spawn crates on the board. These crates allow users to tap and drag a line on all touching crops of a single type to remove them from the board, even if they don’t form a straight line.

Levels become more complicated over time. Some allow players to expand the size of the game board by collecting carrots and luring rabbits out of hiding, while others see players collecting water to make crops worth more upon collection, and so on.

While players can create their own power-ups by creating lines of four or more matching symbols, or those in special L or T shapes, additional power-ups are available for purchase. One may add additional moves to the stage, while a shovel allows players to remove a chosen symbol from the board, as examples.

If players fail to complete a level before running out of moves, they’ll lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, or gamers can ask their friends for free lives via Facebook connectivity. A third option allows gamers to watch a video ad for an instant free life.

As a new title in the popular FarmVille franchise, Harvest Swap offers cross-game connectivity, allowing players to send resources from the game to FarmVille 2 on the Web, or FarmVille 2: Country Escape on mobile. This is achieved via a prize wheel, which is currently rolling out to all players.

FarmVille: Harvest Swap is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game is also available to play for free on Facebook.

FamVille 2 Harvest Swap