DON'T MISS THIS: Zynga is Blowing Up An Armored Truck At 6PM PDT

Just in case you forgot, the biggest, baddest, most over-the-top Facebook game launch is going down tonight at 6PM PDT. Snoop Dogg will push a button, an armored truck will explode, and ten million people will play Mafia Wars Las Vegas.

Zynga really outdid themselves with this launch of the fifth city in the Mafia Wars world. As of Wednesday, August 18th, 3 billion jobs have been done in Vegas with almost 1 billion player vs. player actions, such as fights, robberies and tournaments.

There are also a slew of new game features including a new property system called “My Casino” that allows players to look inside the casino and purchase items, a new “tournament” fighting system including lightweight and heavyweight categories (depending on number of friends), 800 new art assets, 60 new jobs and 100 new items to collect. Check out the company blow up an armored truck with the help of Snoop Dogg in 40 minutes via