5 Project Management Tech Solutions to Consider

Editor’s Note: In Publishing Executive’s special report The Top Technologies Publishers Will Buy in 2018, Workflow & Project Management tools were one of the top 10 technologies publishers will buy this year and the number one technology they expect to provide revenue growth (a surprise to us.) We thought it would be useful to feature this post from our sister brand Target Marketing on useful project management solutions, which solve some of the same problems publishers are facing in workflow mire. What workflow solutions are you using? Comment below. Learn more about what your publishing peers are investing in here.

The right project management tools allow you to organize your team so that they do their best work. These tools are an extension of your team, providing you the big picture view of all your tasks within the project, tracking who’s working on what to avoid duplicate efforts, and fostering an environment of collaboration and time management.

But with thousands of marketing technologies available — and project management being a subset — how do you choose what’s best for you? Do you need an all-in-one solution, or would you rather select a few options, à la carte? Do you need an easy-to-access web-based platform? Will you need to be able to work with clients through an external portal? These are just a few of the questions you need to consider when vetting the right project management software for you.

In an effort to give you a leg up on this somewhat daunting task, here are five cloud-based project management solutions to consider, based on product overviews from Technology Advice, a firm focused on connecting business tech sellers and buyers while providing unbiased technology information.


Core Features: To-do lists; task assignments; Kanban boards; calendar; dashboards; scheduling
Free Trial Available: Yes
Pricing: 2 levels of pricing from premium to enterprise
Why It’s an Ideal Solution: Asana is able to integrate with over 100 other apps, ranging from Slack to Dropbox.


Core Features: Analytics and trend reports; dashboards; predictive scheduling; time tracking; Kanban boards
Free Trial Available: Yes
Pricing: 2 levels of pricing, from professional to enterprise
Why It’s an Ideal Solution: Liquidplanner has the unique feature of predictive online project management, which automatically updates schedules based on changed priorities.


Core Features: Time tracking; client invoicing; task
assignments; client dashboards; Kanban boards; scheduling; project analysis
Free Trial Available: Yes
Pricing: 2 levels of pricing, from standard to premium
Why It’s an Ideal Solution: Trigger provides users the ability to create client invoices and track expenses for projects.


Core Features: Task tracking; workflow automation; dashboard; reporting; task assignments; custom forms; project templates; timesheets
Free Trial Available: Yes
Pricing: 4 levels of pricing, from team to enterprise
Why It’s an Ideal Solution: Workfront is an all-in-one solution out of the box designed with large-scale enterprises in mind.


Core Features: Project templates; dashboards; time tracking; image and video proofing and approval; forms; Gantt chart; reporting
Free Trial Available: Yes
Pricing: 4 levels of pricing, from professional to enterprise
Why It’s an Ideal Solution: Wrike is highly customizable, ensuring users get exactly what they need.

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