AmeriLam Supply Group takes “Scuff Free” Laminate to a Whole New Level in Laminating

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AmeriLam Supply Group takes “Scuff Free” Laminate to a Whole New Level in Laminating

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900 Dutch Valley Drive
Knoxville, TN 37918

AmeriLam Supply Group is introducing ScuffProof™ Matte Laminate—a bulletproof laminate that is unprecedented in the publishing and packaging market!

AmeriLam Supply Group is taking the term “Scuff Free” to a whole new level with this dynamic product that will provide the above mentioned retail markets with important benefits such as:

• Reduced Spoilage:
Clean, crisp, and attractive publications and packaging that will remain protected and free from
blemishes and burnishes on retail shelves.

• A Cost Competitive Product:
The exclusive ScuffProof™ Laminate is priced more aggressively than lesser products on the
market, and guarantees a far better result.

• ULTIMATE protection:
ScuffProof™ is a matte film reengineered at the molecular level and that uses no coating to achieve a 5H hardness. Traditional “Scuff Free” laminates use a top coating that will burnish with use, and only has a 3H hardness.

Additionally, AmeriLam Supply Group ScuffProof™ Laminate can be UV coated, is glue-able and stamp-able, and features the industry exclusive Gold Seal™ Guarantee; a no-hassle product replacement or refund if the customer’s satisfaction is anything less than 100 percent!

AmeriLam Supply Group is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and offers a complete line of finishing equipment and components, including:

• Lamination Equipment
• Premium Laminate Films
• Finishing Equipment
• Finishing Components
• Bindery Equipment
• Binding Supplies
• Presentation & On-Demand Materials
• Incredible Client Service

For more information on AmeriLam Supply Group, call 800.895.2747 or visit their web site at

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