App Launch – Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is the leading independent voice of Buddhism in the West, presenting traditional Buddhist teachings and practices in ways that are keenly relevant to everyday life. Tricycle has been recognized with the prestigious Folio Award for Best Spiritual Magazine for three consecutive years. Tricycle is the winner of the 2013 Utne Media Award for Body/Spirit Coverage, the second time it has received this prestigious award.

Picsean Media is proud to bring an interactive, digital version of the magazine. The content of the print magazine is not just presented as a replica on the iPhone or iPad. We have curated the magazine to best suit the screen – be it the iPhone or the iPad and the device’s interactive features. The design is clean, responsive and beautiful – created to fit the device size and aspect ratio.

You can download the magazine from iTunes here. View more from our portfolio here.