Are Social Media Buys Eroding Your Media Buys?


It has always been necessary to sell the importance of your brand’s content, but now another wrinkle is added to the equation. Today, within your market, you compete against dozens of social media information sources including blogs, forums and Facebook postings. Something to add to your sales conversations should be a description of why the content from your publication brand provides a better media buy than the social media in your market. Hopefully, you have social media offerings that you can talk about when these new competitors are bought up. But the real competitive advantage a magazine brand has is in the aggregate content it can push into a market.

When we research readers’ media-consumption patterns these days, including all print and all possible digital media, we typically find them to be highly fragmented. But while social media may have given rise to dozens of new voices within a market, it does not automatically grant widespread readership to them. However, bloggers with little widespread support may have among them passionate followers (including executives from your advertising clients), and they can razor-blade your advertisers’ support away.

Here are some tips to advocate for publication-branded media on calls:

In most markets, content exists that is of special interest to specific advertisers. For example, camera manufacturers will naturally gravitate toward articles on camera technology. Collect these articles your media brand has generated in the past 6 months to a year, and present them to demonstrate the substantial volume of content your brand creates. Often advertisers don’t care about your editorial vision, but care about content that relates to their business. Collecting and presenting articles where the two intersect often helps them see value in your content.

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