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Publishing Executive is looking for senior-level media professionals to share their wisdom with readers. We want to hear insights that you’ve gained through your experience as a leader in the magazine and digital publishing industry – in other words, real tips and advice from real people.

Are you a seasoned media technologist with best practices to share? Specialize in ad sales or audience development? Maybe you’ve leveraged data to create a new membership product, podcast, or event that’s driving revenue for your company? Tell us about your successes, failures, and lessons learned – and become a thought leader among our audience of consumer, B2B, association, and niche publishers.

Our mission is to equip media executives with the strategic insights they need to run their businesses effectively, and the best way to do that is through knowledge sharing and networking. By contributing to Publishing Executive and talking with our community of readers, you will also contribute to the continued success of the magazine media industry.

If you have an idea for a contributor post, send your pitch to senior editor Leah Wynalek at Tell us how this post will serve our audience and why you are well-equipped to address this particular topic. Keep in mind, we do not publish posts that are self-promotional or sales pitches. Before you send your pitch, be sure to check out our standard contributor guidelines.

Publishing Executive serves as the most reliable resource of insight and analysis on the magazine media industry. We provide the most intelligent coverage of the publishing industry, from strategic management insight and digital publishing innovations to production, marketing, audience development and more. The publication was acquired by Adweek in September 2020.
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