Profiting From Information Overload

Headshot of Bob Sacks

As publishers, we have an interesting and increasingly complex relationship with technology. Till the end of the twentieth century, it was our best friend, but now as technology moves forward, it sometimes seems to threaten us as if it was our worst enemy. We have automated the entire manufacturing process, saving our companies billions of dollars in no longer necessary and inefficient production steps. We no longer use mechanical paste-up boards or, for the most part, any expensive hard proofs. We no longer need the antique process of film to create printing plates. In the near future we will no longer need printing plates at all, and, with the coming implementation of wide-array ink jet heads connected to big data engines, each page in a magazine will have the capacity for the edit to be uniquely tailored to the specific person.

Bob Sacks (aka BoSacks) is a printing/publishing industry consultant and president of The Precision Media Group ( He is also the co-founder of the research company Media-Ideas (, and publisher and editor of a daily international e-newsletter, Heard on the Web. Sacks has held posts as director of manufacturing and distribution, senior sales manager (paper), chief of operations, pressman, circulator and almost every other job this industry has to offer.