Confusing Value Proposition with Incentive Is Bad — Here’s Why

Sometimes, I envy scientists. Their words have meaning.

Oxygen is oxygen is oxygen. One biologist doesn’t use it one way, while a chemist uses it in a different way.

In the marketing industry, we’re not so lucky. Many marketers and writers latch onto an industry buzzword, and all of a sudden everything is AI and machine learning.

Or everything is a value proposition. Let me give you an example I came upon recently in a marketing industry publication:

Luxury apparel e-retailer [brand name removed] has there is value.

This might seem like subtly nuanced wordplay, but it describes the entire reason for marketing’s existence. After all, if customers could accurately understand the value of every product and service in the marketplace, there would be no need for marketing.

Daniel Burstein is the Senior Director, Content and Marketing at MECLABS Institute. Daniel oversees all content and marketing coming from the MarketingExperiments and MarketingSherpa brands while helping to shape the marketing direction for MECLABS — digging for actionable discoveries while serving as an advocate for the audience.