E-mail Still Works, Publishing Business Presenter Says

Maurice Bakley seems almost like an e-mail evangelist. Even though his business operates in many channels, e-mail is still at the center of his business, says the CEO of Washington, D.C.-based B-to-B e-media publisher FierceMarkets.

Speaking last Tuesday morning during a session titled “Case Study in Success: FierceMarkets, Growing From the Core” at the Publishing Business Conference & Expo in New York, Bakley explained how e-mail helps his company grow.

“E-mail is still the number one way to get people to take action,” Bakley said.

During its first six years of existence, FierceMarkets was an e-mail-only publication. Even the website only requested e-mail addresses.

Now, the business includes websites, webinars and in-person events, he said. But the Web traffic, for instance, which does drive direct revenue, “also fuels audience acquisition for e-mail,” Bakley said. (The majority of FierceMarket’s e-newsletter subscribers now originate from organic Web traffic, when they once arrived through email sharing and other e-mail activity, he adds.)

Considering his company offers lead generation services, the fact that e-mail is an easier way to gather data from busy businesspeople is a lot more helpful than long Web forms.

Added up, FierceMarkets’ approach has allowed it to double revenue, triple earnings and triple its workforce during the past three years, he said.

One channel FierceMarkets won’t use is print, he said. “We did a few things and it never really amounted to much, so we stick with e-mail.”

Editor’s Note: Check out the May/June issue of Publishing Executive for additional coverage of the 2011 Publishing Business Conference & Expo.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.