eMagazines Using Data Analytics to Change the Way Publishers Sell Digital Editions

(Press Release) CHICAGO, IL (September 22, 2011)—eMagazines.com officially launched today as the magazine publishing industry’s total solution for maximizing their sale of digital editions. Combining experience, extensive reach and powerful promotion (or data) analytics, eMagazines gives publishers a better way to build their digital edition sales channels—as well as the industry’s only source for complete tracking of digital edition marketing and promotions across multiple tablet platforms.

Among eMagazines’ biggest breakthroughs is its ability to provide online sales and conversion data. eMagazines can deliver customer data on certain tablet digital edition purchases resulting from email campaigns; it can also provide general/directional sales and conversion data whether from online newsstands, email campaigns, direct-to-publisher ad campaigns, social media platforms, or even the publisher’s own website.

eMagazines offers publishers two powerful tools for building tablet edition sales:

  • eMagazines Insight-the company’s tracking, analytics and measurement tool for maximizing the value of digital edition sales. eMagazines Insight provides not just click-through, but conversion information; data is broken out by title, by click-through source (e.g., website, banner ad, Facebook link, etc.) and by digital edition platform. It also allows publishers to build their own affiliate and agent networks, tracking conversions by point of origin for accurate commission payments.
  • eMagazines Network-eMagazines will launch with thousands of advertisers that will promote participating publishers’ digital editions. Affiliate and advertising partners earn up to 15% commission on their digital magazine marketing efforts.

“Publishers are investing heavily to develop the very best user experience for their iPad, Kindle and Nook editions. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult for them to build a strong digital edition subscriber base with the same speed and quality,” said Andrew Degenholtz, President of eMagazines. “Currently there is no single way to uncover, tap into, and analyze data from the most critical aspects of digital subscriber marketing. eMagazines is filling that gap with tools, experience and resources.”

Enhancing the appeal of eMagazine’s publisher offerings is the fact that no technical integration is needed to analyze consumer activity. The company’s tracking efforts operate independently of the publisher’s digital edition workflows, simplifying operations and eliminating the potential for disruptions.

Experienced Partner

eMagazines is a New-Jersey based corporation. Its founders also manage ValueMags, which provides magazine publishers with millions of paid print subscribers annually. ValueMags has a rich background in understanding the needs of publishers, and a proven track record in successful subscription network operations.

“Because publishers are in a transitional period right now, it helps to have a partner who understands both print AND digital,” Degenholtz noted. “We are positioned perfectly to quickly help publishers make the most of their digital subscription marketing efforts.”

Free for Publishers

Participating in the eMagazines Network is free for publishers; furthermore, publishers who sign up for the eMagazines Network also receive eMagazines Insight on a free, unlimited-use basis.

For more information on eMagazines Insight and eMagazines Network, visit www.emagazines.com.

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