Video: How Farm Journal Uses Social to Fill Data Holes

Social media is a powerful though sometimes misused audience development tool, said Farm Journal VP of digital sales James Arnold during a recent Publishing Executive webinar. Engaging readers on social isn’t necessarily about achieving massive reach, but rather targeting known users and filling in the gaps in a publisher’s data set. That’s how Farm Journal approached growing its audience on Facebook a couple years ago. The publisher targeted known readers on the platform to upsell subscriptions or deliver marketing on behalf of advertisers. Farm Journal also used Facebook’s lookalike tool to expand its audience in key areas where its data was less robust.

These strategies have opened up new revenue streams for Farm Journal, which is now earning over six figures from its social marketing efforts. In the following video, Arnold explains how Farm Journal uses audience data and personalization to nurture users down its acquisition funnel and towards a purchase.

The video below is excerpted from the recent Publishing Executive webinar “How Publishers Can Use Personalization to Drive Engagement & Conversion.” Watch the complete webinar here.

Ellen Harvey is a freelance writer and editor who covers the latest technologies and strategies reshaping the publishing landscape. She previously served as the Senior Editor at Publishing Executive and Book Business.

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