Foreign Affairs Publisher Lynda Hammes Joins PubExec Advisory Board

Publishing Executive is honored to announce that Lynda Hammes, publisher of Foreign Affairs, has joined our editorial advisory board. Hammes has been a strong supporter of Publishing Executive for many years, is a frequent speaker at our events, and has been recognized as an industry leader and advocate.

Foreign Affairs recently re-launched its website, focusing on responsive design and a very image driven presentation. (Take a look on both mobile and desktop if you haven’t yet.) The site’s stunning use of powerful images certainly grabs your attention, but as Hammes notes, visuals alone don’t take precedence over Foreign Affairs distinctive editorial content. So far, Hammes reports the re-launch has had a positive impact on engagement metrics, including subscription conversion.

In the below Q&A, Hammes reveals some of Foreign Affairs recent successes, where she sees opportunity for the business, and what she’s on the horizon for the industry.

Undoubtedly. Like every field today, shared knowledge and experience is accelerating innovation. I am inspired every day by industry leaders I admire – whether it’s David Carey on the platform mentality of Hearst and Zach Seward on the vision of the team at Quartz. I look forward to my Medium daily digest as a reliable place to get refreshing ideas from outside the traditional publishing elite.

Denis Wilson was previously content director for Target Marketing, Publishing Executive, and Book Business, as well as the FUSE Media and BRAND United summits. In this role, he analyzed and reported on the fundamental changes affecting the media and marketing industries and aimed to serve content-driven businesses with practical and strategic insight. As a writer, Denis’ work has been published by Fast Company, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and The New York Times.

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