How Can Brands Unlock the Power of TikTok?

With TikTok aggressively growing, brands and marketers are quickly searching for the best ways to leverage and engage the hottest new social platform.

As recently as June, TikTok set a new record in user spending, climbing 588% to more than $10 million from in-app purchases of virtual currency (known as Coins). At the same time, the audience base is growing, as well; reaching over 528 million users by 2018 with an average user session time of 8.95 minutes.

Here, we’ll discuss expert tips for the different ways that brands and apps can market on TikTok and unlock the power of this channel:

Use It as an Influencer Performance Platform for Branding Campaigns

Use the platform for influencer marketing — it’s a powerful channel with low investment required and the potential for high returns. TikTok started out with primarily a Gen Z-based audience, but the average age of the audience is rising, so it’s becoming a stronger opportunity for working with influencers to spread content to a broader audience.

Even while this audience is growing, it’s still a relatively untapped and low-cost advertising channel (for now). So it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. You can run partnerships, such as promotional campaigns, and start a campaign with influencers and a specific hashtag.

Also, it’s important to consider that influencers on emerging platforms like TikTok are also a cheaper alternative to those on other social networks.

Use It as Your Own Branded Marketing Channel & Upload Relevant Videos

While we love this tactic, it requires a lot of work. So make sure you can sustain producing great quality content. Brands such as CK and Uniqlo are already on board.

Use It to Run Media Buying Campaigns — Both Performance and Branding

TikTok offers standard and non-standard ad solutions:

  • Based on this, their supporting influencer management team contacts influencers to check their availability and pricing. This list is then presented to the client and they have a final say on who will be picked for their campaign.

For instance, let’s say a gaming company wants to work with TikTokers. A type of campaign could be a hashtag challenge. Videos on TikTok are short. (Normally, users can create a 15-second video, and top creators who have a verified account with a high following can go up to one minute.) So the creator can’t play and comment on the “game play,” but this could be the case when you are working with YouTubers.

Elena Kutsopal is a managing director of WeQ Influencers. Reach her at

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