How to Use Social Media Successfully in Your Audience Development Efforts

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You’ve established a social media foundation through brand and staff profiles, share buttons and coordinated outreach and promotion. Now you need to take your efforts to the next level. Adam Sherk, vice president of SEO and Social Media, for Define Media Group—an audience development consulting firm, specializing in enterprise Search Engine Optimization, Investment Advisory Services and Social Media consulting—is moderating a session called “How to Use Social Media to Boost Traffic, Build/Engage Your Audience and Gain Leads” at the 2012 Publishing Business Conference & Expo, March 19-21, in NYC, that will help you do just that.

The session also will feature Niketa Patel, Product Manager, Social Media & Search, at CNNMoney, and Sylvie Barak, West Coast Online Reporter for EE Times/UBM Electronics, both of whom have had significant experience and success with developing social media strategies and campaigns for attracting and engaging audiences.

Here, Sherk speaks with Publishing Business Today (PBT) about the current status of many publishers’ social media efforts and what the next step should be, as well as what attendees to his session (to be held on Tuesday, March 20) can expect to learn.

PBT: What are your main goals for the session?

Adam Sherk: To help magazine publishers make the most of their social media efforts, particularly on site, to build and engage audiences, drive traffic and increase conversions. To have an open discussion with publishers on their successes and failures with social media and the specific tactics and tools
they are using.

PBT: What do you hope attendees will walk away with?

Sherk: Practical, actionable tips that they can apply to their own efforts. Recommendations for useful third-party tools. A good understanding of what has worked well, and not so well, for other publishers.

PBT: Why is this workshop so important?

Sherk: Many publishers are now making good use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, but not everyone has a cohesive strategy to maximize the benefits of these efforts and coordinate them with other audience development initiatives. With limited time and resources, it is essential to make smart choices and build a social media program that is actionable and sustainable.

PBT: Anything else you’d like to add?

Sherk: The session summary lists some of the sub-topics [that we will cover]:
• What’s the right mix of Facebook integration?
• Are you A/B testing the placement and messaging of your social buttons?
• How do you maintain active social outposts without sacrificing on-site community and engagement?
• Which third-party services can help you get it all right?
• Learn how magazine publishers are making the most of on-site social media optimization to build and engage audiences, drive traffic and increase conversions.

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