Laptop Mag Editor-in-Chief on Reporting & Representation in Consumer Tech Media

In late January, longtime technology reporter Sherri L. Smith was named editor-in-chief of Laptop Mag, where she was previously assistant managing editor. Smith is the first black woman to lead the Future plc-owned brand, and is believed to be the first black, female editor-in-chief of a major technology news publication.

In her new role overseeing editorial production, Smith says she is prioritizing e-commerce and expanding coverage into laptop peripheral categories, including audio, PC gaming, and virtual reality.

“Everything that can be plugged into a laptop represents an opportunity for us,” Smith says. “We want to make sure that your laptop life extends beyond work. You’re not just using your laptop at work; you’re using it at home, to stream, to watch Netflix, to game, and to do your taxes.”

As employees work from home through the current COVID-19 pandemic, Laptop Mag is also focused on serving readers with relevant coverage of standing desks, routers, and other mobile office tools that can ease the transition to remote work.

In the following interview, Smith shares her plans for Laptop Mag content and thoughts on representation in consumer tech media.

I think especially right now that we’re in the midst of this coronavirus crisis, the way in which we work has changed. I think that not having to be tied to the workplace is the biggest change in tech consumer tech. Now you can work from home, work in a coffee shop, and still collaborate with team members.

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