to Launch Premium Service to Monetize Publishers’ Online Content, a Web-based platform that offers magazine publishers the framework for charging readers online, has announced a premium service that will deliver premium magazine content exclusively to Maggwire users.

Scheduled to launch in 2010, Maggwire Premium will allow paying subscribers to access articles from hundreds of magazine titles on a per channel or per topic basis for a flat monthly fee. The service will also include user-driven behavior-based personalization and predictive content caching.

Maggwire Premium will be a “fully immersive experience no other form of media can replicate,” says Ryan Klenovich, Maggwire’s co-founder and CEO. “Publishers have not been offering online consumers what they want. Just as iTunes proved people will pay for reliable music downloads, people will pay for a personalized magazine experience that delivers reliable content.”

Maggwire is currently negotiating with a number of publishers in pursuit of a revenue-sharing arrangement with the premium service.

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