Modern Drummer Expands Print and Digital Circulation With New Physical and Digital Delivery Channels

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(Press Release) Continuing its efforts to bring its exclusive coverage of drums, drummers, and drumming, along with its acclaimed editorial and educational content, to an ever-expanding number of readers around the world, Modern Drummer magazine has announced the completion of two exciting new initiatives aimed at increasing the distribution of both its print and digital editions.
Under an agreement with, the recently launched online newsstand, instant viewing and downloading of individual issues as well as subscriptions for Modern Drummer‘s Digital Edition are now available on any computer with an internet connection. Among the first websites of its kind, CoverStand was introduced in early 2010 and will ultimately feature online access to thousands of magazines, newspapers, books, catalogs, comic books, newsletters, retail and reference publications organized by area of interest (music, business, news, entertainment, sports & leisure, etc.) and powered by an advanced search engine. Modern Drummer is the first major musician-oriented magazine, and the only drumming magazine, available on the site.
“Through this virtual newsstand, millions of drummers and drum enthusiasts in North America, Asia, Europe, South America and the rest the world now have immediate access to the world’s number one drumming magazine,” comments Modern Drummer Vice-President, Kevin Kearns. “This not only allows us to reach more drummers — and our advertisers to reach more customers — today, as Modern Drummer‘s e-media and’s digital delivery expand and evolve, it will also allow us to maintain our connection to the worldwide drumming community through online, wireless, and mobile devices as well as developing technologies such as readers and tablets in the future.”
“CoverStand is an opportunity for publishers and readers to connect. The industry has seen explosive growth over the past few years in the availability of digital editions, and we saw the need for a quality, online library designed to showcase emerging publishing platforms, such as digital, mobile and reader devices like the iPad,” added Paul DeHart, President of CoverStand. “We are excited to have a leading music publication like Modern Drummer as one of our featured publications on CoverStand.”
At the same time it is taking this bold step to grow its electronic distribution, Modern Drummer has also increased the number of independent newsstands that carry its print edition in the United States by 40 percent. According to the publisher, in addition to strong, stable over-the-counter sales at leading drumshops, music stores, and bookstores, the magazine is now on sale at nearly 4,000 independent newsstands, nationwide.
“As we grow our print and digital distribution, our overall circulation also continues to increase; putting our magazine in the hands of more and more drummers and delivering its message to a larger and larger audience,” Kearns adds. “That’s good for us, good for drummers and good for drumming.”
About Modern Drummer Publications, Inc.
Founded in 1977 by professional drummer and drum teacher, Ron Spagnardi, Modern Drummer magazine was the world’s first publication of its kind; featuring articles and interviews with major drummers from a wide cross-section of musical disciplines, news and reviews of the latest drum equipment, and educational columns from highly-respected educators. Modern Drummers‘ skill in both documenting the state-of-the-art and influencing it quickly established the magazine’s popular and critical acclaim and over the years MD’s presence expanded to include special editions, an extensive collection of educational books and DVDs, and the Modern Drummer Readers Poll and Hall Of Fame as well as the Modern Drummer Festival(TM), a world-renowned event that attracts major drum artists and enthusiasts from around the globe. Now in its 34th year of continuous publication, Modern Drummer remains the largest and most successful drum magazine on the planet.
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