MPA Statement Opposing Possible Exigent Postal Rate Increase

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New York, NY (June 13, 2013) MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, on behalf of its member publishers, strongly urges the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service not to seek an unlawful “exigent” postal rate increase. The increase – possibly as high as 10 percent – would be a lose-lose proposition for both magazine publishers and the Postal Service.

MPA has long advocated for postal reform legislation that would restore the nation’s postal system to solvency, leading to stable, predictable and lawful rate increases going forward. Attempting to address some of the Service’s inherent problems – notably an oversized and underutilized infrastructure – by imposing a rate increase on a product Postmaster Generals have called “the anchor of the mailbox” is both unwise and unlawful. In addition, MPA urges the Board of Governors to be mindful of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s position that attempting to resolve issues unrelated to exigent circumstances, such as the cost coverage of Periodicals mail, through an exigent filing conflicts with the law.

MPA looks forward to working in conjunction with Postal Service management, the Board of Governors, the Postal Regulatory Commission and Congress as we work collectively to provide our nation with a robust Postal Service into the foreseeable future.
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