New ePublishing Platform in a Box

(Press Release) A number of publishing solutions exist that help companies create online editions of their publications with a number of features. However, many of these solutions don’t take advantage of the many possibilities that online media facilitate. Up until now, in order to create advanced interactive publications, it has been necessary to further custom develop the publications at an extremely high cost per publication.

Cross platform Software Solution

Danish-based eMagStudio, the company behind digital publications software eMagCreator, has launched a new cross platform software solution, eMagStudio, an enriched publishing platform that allows for creation of online publications containing Rich Media at a low cost. The software is one of the first epublishing solutions with full Mac support.

The use of rich media in online publications is not in itself a new feature. The enriched platform, however, makes it easier to work with and create dynamic user generated content and integrate social media. Readers can share the publications through social media, and companies can integrate their social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Marketing Power Tool

According to company CEO, Martin André Joenck: “Our goal was to create a publishing platform that allows companies to put content online themselves without having to depend on an agency or a graphic designer. We see the software as a Marketing Power Tool that every marketing department should have, to easily put all the company’s publications online.”

The platform has an advanced interactive system that allows for creation of automated interactions without having to code anything. This allows marketing and publishing professionals, with absolutely no technical skills, to create impressive interactive publications. It can be used to create magazines, micro sites, newsletters, reports, campaigns or any other corporate communication that companies wish to publish online.

Leading publishing solution

One of eMagStudio’s many advantages is that it is a module-based platform allowing extra features to be added through plug-ins. With the ability to quickly design and add custom solutions and features at a low cost, the platform has become incredibly flexible and can easily be further developed and customized.

The team behind eMagStudio is already busy working on mobile and other e-reader integration options, which will be available in the near future. The goal is to become the leading online publishing solution that can facilitate all platforms.

More information about eMagStudio is available at where a free trial of the new eMagStudio software can be downloaded. eMagStudio is a registered trademark of Papeer International ApS in Denmark and other countries.

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