The Most Popular Publishing Executive Posts of September

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Here’s a collection of Publishing Executive’s most read stories from September.

  1. Why Publishers Should Act Like Agencies – A guest post by Katie Risch, SVP of publisher development at Centro, this piece encourages publishers to purchase ad inventory on other sites, allowing advertisers to continue to target readers after they’ve left the publishers’ platforms.
  2. Reports on Print’s Resurgence Are Misleading – Bo Sacks combats the industry’s obsession with news stories that claim, inaccurately, that print is on the rise.
  3. Will the Double-Digit Declines in Print Sales Continue? In All Likelihood, Yes. – A later Bo Sacks’ post that similarly refutes a Folio article that predicts newsstand sales will decline at a lower rate.
  4. 6 Reasons Publishers Have the Upper Hand on Content Marketing Services – Taken from a panel at the Publishing & Media Lab in September, Eric Shanfelt of eMedia Strategist, explains why publishers are uniquely suited to sell content marketing services to advertisers.
  5. Hanley Wood Helps Advertisers Connect with Readers on Its Websites and Beyond – Perhaps following Risch’s advice, Hanley Wood launched The Audience Network, a service that uses data from constructions sites within and outside the Hanley Wood portfolio. The network allows advertisers to target readers across these sites.
  6. Build A Better Mouse Trap: Ad Blockers Should Force Publishers to Change Strategies – Instead of fighting ad blockers, Ron Matejko recommends that publishers create high quality content that’s enjoyable to read online.


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