Sell Bigger Deals By Unbundling Your Content, Part 1

In this half-hour course Andrew Davis, Reboot’s Chief Media Alchemist, explains how you can unbundle the content your editorial colleagues are already creating and reassemble that content into more compelling packages for advertising prospects. Davis dives into how content can create consumer demand, and lead them on a journey towards a purchase. Davis also explains how thinking about your magazine as a TV network can help you drill down to specific and enthusiastic groups of consumers that advertisers will want to reach.

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In this video you’ll learn about:

How Content Can Drive Consumer Demand (4:40) – Shortly after Finding Nemo was released in theaters, sales of clownfish skyrocketed. What does that have to do with media sales? It’s a prime example of how great content can increase demand and lead consumers towards a purchase. Salespeople can use this to close more and bigger sales deals.

Building Content Brands (12:20) – What if your magazine was a TV Network? What type of shows would your magazine have and what types of audience would watch these programs? By creating focused, content brands, you can offer a more compelling story to advertisers looking to reach a specific audience niche.

Putting Content Brands to Work (18:31) – Texas Monthly launched a content brand around Texas Barbecue in 2012 called TM BBQ. They created a dedicated blog, hosted barbecue events, and published a book. All of this was underwritten by advertisers who wanted to connect with these readers, and who now drive 80% of Texas Monthly’s overall revenue. Any media salesperson can replicate this model at their magazine.

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