The Future of Marketing Will Be Built on Personalization & Artificial Intelligence

Greg Grdodian, CEO of marketing solutions provider Reach Marketing, believes that the future of audience development will be shaped by the expansion of real-time personalization and artificial intelligence. He says that these two technologies will enable publishers to create personalized experiences for consumers and offer content that is hyper-aligned to individuals’ interests.

In the following Q&A, Grdodian explains how publishers can tap into and monetize personalization.

Reach Marketing sponsored the 2016 FUSE Media Summit.

What are the most important marketing technologies shaping the media business today?

I think that marketing automation is without a doubt the most influential tool for any business because it can do so much. Marketing automation connects the data dots through an automated system versus what most companies are still mired in, which is identifying opportunities manually in siloed databases.

Automation allows you to centralize your data and utilize that intel to take an action or schedule an action. It is improving the ability for businesses to engage with their customers and take behavioral cues, not just static information like their title, industry, or size. Publishers can serve readers content based on their interests and behaviors and treat them as an individual. That’s really important as more consumers come to expect personalized experiences in all types of media.

What emerging technology do you anticipate will have a big impact on the media business in the near future?

I think real-time personalization and artificial intelligence are the big technologies. Everyone wants that individualized experience. And both of those technologies will help publishers get there and maximize every engagement.

With real-time personalization, you have the ability to at that moment to deliver a different experience to someone who is visiting your site or reading your email, based on their previous behavior or demographic data. I think that’s going to become way more mainstream.

I think Artificial Intelligence or machine learning will grow too, anticipating what the reader will be most interested in and serving that content in a real-time manner.

What should media companies do now to prepare for a future of personalization and artificial intelligence?

I think that they need to stay informed, number one. There are lot of media companies who are trying to stick with what they know and consolidate. They really need to push forward and test new technology and find out how it can benefit them. Media has to attract audience and advertisers. So they need to understand where their audience is going and where their advertisers are going and make sure they align.

Why do you think media executives should attend FUSE?

I think for that same reason. This is a great forum to stay informed and get inspired. This event will help publishers make calculated business and technology decisions that will heighten their business. These types of events also foster brainstorming and help publishers think through their position in the market and how they will make a difference to their audience and advertisers. This is a great forum to do all of those things.

How are publishers using Reach Marketing tools to improve their marketing efforts?

Our Central Intelligence Alignment product gives publishers a distinct advantage because it creates a single view of an audience. Through our four-dimensional identification (4D ID), we’re able to connect every touch point for distinct individuals. The 4D ID collects data on four dimensions: the contact level, the demographic level, the behavioral level, and then contextual level. This single-view enables our clients to communicate in a more engaging manner with their customers and prospects. This is especially important in publishing because there’s a greater need to convert every eyeball into a lead for advertisers.


Ellen Harvey is a freelance writer and editor who covers the latest technologies and strategies reshaping the publishing landscape. She previously served as the Senior Editor at Publishing Executive and Book Business.

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