Video: Does Your Sales Team Need a Reboot? Yes.

The media industry is changing. A lot. And anyone charged with driving revenue needs to drastically rethink how they sell and what they sell if they want to survive.

That’s the unfiltered message Andrew Davis, Chief Media Alchemist for Reboot, will bring to the hungry and ambitious media sellers on November 16th in New York City.

Too often publishers are using legacy selling tactics in a modern multimedia universe. Reboot will help you radically transform how your company sells media: “In this daylong reboot we are going to challenge you to sell like television networks, to think like production companies, to even think like talent agencies,” says Andrew. “We’re going to get into the head of the modern marketer, we’re going to understand their needs and wants and how we can actually deliver outcomes instead of just impressions.”

(Check out the video above for a glimpse into Andrew’s mind and why this workshop is crucial media sellers that want to Reboot their careers and boost the bottom line.)

Check out the full agenda here.

Andrew has extensive experience in the media industry. He co-founded an agency in 2001, Tippingpoint Labs, which helped brands and publishers develop digital strategies to better market their products. At the Reboot he’ll bring this knowledge to bear, and share the tactics his media clients implemented to reinvent the way they sell advertising. Read more about Andrew here.

Denis Wilson was previously content director for Target Marketing, Publishing Executive, and Book Business, as well as the FUSE Media and BRAND United summits. In this role, he analyzed and reported on the fundamental changes affecting the media and marketing industries and aimed to serve content-driven businesses with practical and strategic insight. As a writer, Denis’ work has been published by Fast Company, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and The New York Times.