Video: What’s At Risk If Publishers Don’t Reboot Their Sales Strategies? Everything.

What’s at risk if we don’t reboot our sales strategies? Everything, says Mark Subers, President & CRO of the Publishing Group at NAPCO Media. Subers is one of the masterminds behind rebootlogobetterthe upcoming Reboot: Radically Transforming Media Sales event, and he believes it’s imperative that media salespeople attend if they want to succeed in the modern era of publishing. “The whole future of your organization relies on your sales team being able to drive top line revenue in the new media landscape. But new products and services require new skillets,” he says.

In the above video, Subers explains why sales training is key to transforming publishers’ sales teams and preparing them to sell in a new media environment. “[The Reboot] will teach you how to be more strategic, more consultative, and invert your pitch to be more successful.”

Learn more about the Reboot here, and be sure to join us on November 16th in New York City!

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