What “Finding Nemo” Can Teach You About Media Sales

Content has the power to inspire action. That’s important for every media salesperson to understand, because that means content can play an even bigger role in driving revenue at your company. But how exactly can content inspire readers? And how can salespeople utilize that content to assist in the mission of their advertisers? Sales savant Andrew Davis answers these questions in the video below. Davis explains that the best content inspires consumers to want or achieve something. He gave Disney’s wildly successfully Finding Nemo as an example. The movie was so popular that shortly after its release in theaters, sales of clownfish skyrocketed. And when the movie came out on DVD, sales spiked again. This is the type of demand publishers can be driving with their own content and salespeople can capitalize on when selling clients.

Here’s how:


You can check out the video of this complete sales course here.

Ellen Harvey is a freelance writer and editor who covers the latest technologies and strategies reshaping the publishing landscape. She previously served as the Senior Editor at Publishing Executive and Book Business.

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