With New Online Marketplace, Print Ads May Have Finally Entered the Programmatic Age

A leading publishing association, BPA Worldwide, announced a partnership today that could be a catalyst for boosting magazine advertising sales across the industry, even for BPA non-members.

Four months ago, I asked this question in a Publishing Executive article: “Why is placing a national ad in multiple magazines still such an arduous, manual process? When are we going to band together and create a multi-publisher system for buying and selling print ads?”

When I wrote that, I thought – and almost wrote – that BPA was the organization best suited to dragging printed magazines into the programmatic age.

It turns out that France-based Adwanted.com, an online marketplace for offline-advertising, had come to the same conclusion and had already been in discussions with the BPA for a year. Today, the two organizations announced an alliance that should make it easy for BPA-member publishers and advertisers to buy and sell print ads, newsletter and event sponsorships, list rentals, and even digital ads via the Adwanted platform.

But it’s not just about the BPA: The Adwanted marketplace is open to all U.S. publishers.

Ad networks only work if they have enough buyers and sellers to create a viable marketplace.  With its 3,000-plus publishing brands, plus the active involvement of both advertisers and agencies, the BPA partnership means Adwanted could reach critical mass quickly in the U.S.

For ad agencies, finding relevant magazine brands, selecting from their specific offerings, and buying ads for a multi-publisher campaign could become nearly as easy as shopping on Amazon.

The Adwanted marketplace is already thriving in its home country, with such publications as Elle, Marie Claire, and Paris Match. It also does business in Spain and recently entered Canada via an alliance with Magazines Canada, that country’s major trade association for publishers.

A publisher can load pre-negotiated rates and discounts into Adwanted for its existing customers. That means a publishers’ ad reps can focus on building relationships and presenting a widening array of new products rather than on transactional emails and paperwork, says Lagani.

D. Eadward Tree is a pseudonymous magazine-industry insider who provides insights on publishing, postal issues and print media on his blog, Dead Tree Edition.

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