New Videogame Promises to Value Your Time

Most game designers pitch their work by describing how immersive their experience is, how it will suck a player in and joyfully consume their free time. Not Dinofarm Games, the creator of this week’s featured Kickstarter project: Auro: The Golden Prince.

Dinofarm is best known for their last release, 100 Rogues — a successful iOS game that put players in the shoes of a dungeon explorer. Now, having refined their approach to development, Dinofarm Games has spent a year working on their sophomore effort.

The plot revolves around the eponymous Prince Auro, the title’s royal, spoiled protagonist. At the beginning of the game Auro is, for the first time in his life, actually asked to go and complete the quest of . . . [getting] down to the bottom of the Kingdom sewers.” Things take a wrong turn when the “childish Auro carelessly awakens an ancient evil that may be spell the end for his people.” 

Auro: The Golden Prince is, like 100 Rogues before it, based on exploring dungeons and also incorporates role-playing game elements, but differs from the developer’s first game by introducing new play mechanics like randomized levels, a variety of different modes (Story, Exhibition and Puzzle), a focus on turn-based, strategic combat and more. Dinofarm is currently working on iOS and Android versions of Auro but hopes to port their work to other platforms in the future as well — and implement synchronized saves that will let buyers seamlessly transition from playing on their mobile or home computer.

Auro‘s concept is one that follows in the footsteps of several other iOS and Android games but elevates the usual “pick up and play” style by tying the experience together with a cohesive storyline and novel gameplay systems. If this sort of thing catches your fancy it may be a good idea to get your generosity on over at Dinofarm’s Kickstarter page.

To finish Auro, Dinofarm needs money. The art and graphic design, programming, animation work, writing and other elements involved in developing the title require a lot of time and effort and the team is only made up of three people. Though much of the preliminary work has already been completed Dinofarm needs help making some type of income while completing its “collective love letter to the idea of the digital game.”

So what do you get in return? Well, Dinofarm Games has lined up a number of excellent rewards. Smaller pledge amounts will be thanked with free copies of the finished game, a listing in the Auro credits and/or branded t-shirts. Those who are able to donate more money will be able to have custom, in-game character sprites designed and used in the title, monsters modelled (and named!) after themselves and more.

Check out the trailer for the game (at the project’s Kickstarter page) to see more details of exactly what Auro is all about and how it plays. If you’re interested in learning more about its developers, head to Dinofarm Games’ official page or the 100 Rogues site. Auro: The Golden Prince will be funded on Sunday, December 18th at 7.46pm if its $15,000 goal is met on time.