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Performance Marketing

Pandemic Purchase Patterns Shake Up Holiday Performance Marketing Campaigns

Customer Experience

Cardlytics data shows in-store shopping is down, but remains the No. 1 way consumers spend.

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Exaggerated Emotions and Original Audio Lead to More Effective TikTok Ads


More so than other channels, posts have to feel native to the platform.

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No Coding Experience Necessary: Microsoft Offers DIY Tool To Build AI Models

Artificial Intelligence

The tool allows anyone to easily build an image recognition system.

How Predictive Analytics Takes the Guesswork Out of Ad Performance

Performance Marketing

Performance marketers should first determine why they’re optimizing ads at all.

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Social Confidential: How Chipotle Mixes Internet Culture with Burritos and Guac

Adweek Video

Neiv Toledano talks about championing online conversations with social authenticity

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How Marketers Are Investing in Digital Transformation Amid the Pandemic

Digital Transformation

A survey of 800 marketers reveals the tech in which they are investing in the Covid-19 era.

How to Do Performance Marketing Without Wrecking Your Brand

Performance Marketing

Creativity and technology don’t have to be at odds with one another.

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10 Best Practices for Leveraging a Virtual Event

Performance Marketing

Conferences are an excellent way for marketers to make connections with peers, vendors, and often prospects. However, traveling to a conference often isn’t possible for myriad reasons; therefore, a conference offered as a virtual event still provides the opportunities of connection, as well as professional development — all from the comfort of one’s desk.

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4 Marketing Campaign Metrics Your Company Can’t Ignore

Being a successful marketer is more than bringing a creative mind to the table. The best in their class, from marketing assistant to CMO, have a solid understanding of basic campaign metrics, as well as four additional metrics they need to work into their strategies.

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And the Snow, ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Content Marketing Winners Are …

Performance Marketing

Healthcare marketers got prominent brand placement during yesterday’s snowstorm, educating consumers about staying safe in the cold. Other winners included a nonprofit and government organizations. Here’s how they did it.

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Stranger Danger: How Well Do You Know Your Website?


Most marketers only review their websites when they make an update or there is a problem, but that is a surefire way to overlook critical issues that affect the well-being of the site and the overall business. In this article, we’ll review the steps marketers should take to ensure their websites are in tip-top shape.

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2 Outlooks for Healthcare Marketing in 2018

Performance Marketing

One of the biggest changes Target Marketing saw in healthcare marketing during 2017 was the move to the cloud, which we predict will only continue. Here are a few more insights into 2018 from industry insiders.

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30% of Ads Nefariously Defeat Adblockers

Marketing Innovation

Violating consumer intent may not be the desire among marketers whose ads are doing end-runs around adblockers, but the reality is 30.5 percent of the Alexa top 10,000 sites are thwarting adblockers to ensure visitors see those advertisements.

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The Art of Learning From Screw-Ups

Performance Marketing

Mistakes, much like a table saw missing its guard, are powerful teaching tools. And while some people quietly enjoy a taste of schadenfreude when all hell breaks loose for a major company or an A-lister in the spotlight, there usually is a teachable moment or two amid the chaos, as well. Let’s look at the top screw-ups covered from the “What Were They Thinking” desk, and delve into the lessons all marketers can benefit from.

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The 17 Most Influential Marketers of 2017

Performance Marketing

Influencer marketing was big for brands in 2017, and will most likely continue to grow in 2018. But how about the brands with marketing influencers? They exist, and they’re impacting marketing every day. Some influenced marketers so much in 2017, we made a list.