3 Bartender Tips for Marketers

BartenderBartenders see the populace at its best and worst and, as a result, really seem to understand human nature. At least, that’s what they tell me. A surprising percentage of college students are bartenders and, during my undergraduate years at Ohio State, what they told me before class started seems now to apply to marketing.

Here’s how their suggestions apply to marketers:

Bartenders kick customers out at closing time. Customers kick marketers out by clicking “spam” in inboxes or worse, ignoring them in every channel.

Wednesday afternoon, I called John Murphy, president of ReachMail, at his Chicago office and found out he still finds this advice he gave me in 2011 “on the money.”

Email marketers can increase audience engagement by following this guide, which they should revisit every 90 days:

A. “Select recipients who have opened an email within the last three months. Call this the ‘engaged’ list.”

B. “Send a separate re-engagement email to all others. It should: re-introduce the marketer, assume the recipient forgot who you are; and provide an excellent incentive, make the best offer possible [and] if the recipient still does not engage, then you know you have virtually zero percent chance with them.”

In other words, take them off of your list, because it’s:

What else do bartenders know that marketers have yet to learn?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.