3 Email Call to Action Mistakes That Can Bury Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is here, which means we can look forward to spending time with family, eating delicious food and plenty of other cheerful activities. However as a marketer, you might not look forward to figuring out how to craft effective email call to actions (CTAs), which will compete with the plethora of other campaigns delivered to inboxes during this busy season.

Avoid the following mistakes to develop that perfect email CTA—one that immediately connects with the reader and drives measurable results for you.

There’s the “call”—the message you craft, the “action”—the act you have suggested your audience perform, and then there’s everything in between—let’s call it the “to.” The longer the “to,” the less effective your CTA will be.

There are many ways you can make your “to” needlessly long; you should avoid all of them. If you’re promoting a product in your email, don’t provide a link where they will read the same information on your website. Give them the link where they can directly purchase it. Any misdirection down the path to purchase gives the reader a chance to turn his or her attention elsewhere.

The CTA is the most important part of any promotional email. By putting it front and center and making it as easy as possible for your readers to act upon it, you can make their holidays, and yours, much more enjoyable.

Ron Cates is director of new market development at Waltham, Mass.-based marketing software and services provider Constant Contact. Reach him at rcates@constantcontact.com.

By Ron Cates is director of digital marketing education at Constant Contact. Reach him at rcates@constantcontact.com.

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