3 Questions to Ask When Developing a Twitter Strategy

As a social media zealot, I’m all for businesses using such tools to interact with customers, partners, prospects and other stakeholders. However, that doesn’t mean I think companies should just jump into social media blindly.

Many organizations do just that — to their own detriment. Just like any other initiative, Twitter can be a great tool, but only if employed properly and with the right strategy. So before firing off your first “tweet,” I recommend asking yourself the following three questions:

This isn’t the time to put an intern or salesperson who’s memorized the brochure but doesn’t know the first thing about Mashable or #followfridays as your Twitter lead. Think of it in terms of any other big campaign or initiative; you wouldn’t put an entry-level person in charge of it.

You’ll get followers as well as discover the many other benefits of Twitter only by employing those people who enjoy typing and communicating online. These are individuals who probably already have their own Twitter accounts, write personal or industry blogs, and understand your brand voice. That said, interns can still play an important role by identifying opportunities for your in-house public relations or marketing teams to respond to escalating inquiries sent via Twitter to the right sales or customer service departments.

Also, make sure not to dump your Twitter initiative onto an already overworked employee. Instead, make it a priority to spend time and resources to support your participation; it’ll pay much bigger dividends if you do.

Crosby Noricks is the director of social media for Red Door Interactive, a San Diego-based internet presence management firm. Reach Crosby at cnoricks@reddoor.biz