Strike 3 Social Chords to Get Your Fans to Sing Along

How to Win with Advertising in the Mobile-First EraFans of your brand need to know about this week’s specials and your great offerings and promotions. Getting the word out is key. But, if your brand sells too hard, those would-be brand evangelists will cut your company off for good. Company social channels work best when time and effort are put into building communities, showing fans why they should love the brand and encouraging them to interact with each other.

So, how do you strike that perfectly in-tune social chord and get your fans to sing along? Hit the right notes by identifying and sticking to a balance of sales and community building. Give fans the inside scoop and behind-the-scenes peek at what your business has working, and look for opportunities to intersect with their lives in a meaningful way.

The goal here is to constantly add value to the lives of your audience members through sharing information, relating to them, and being authentic. One of the most powerful tools for catching the attention of your customers and fans is through imagery. No matter how much technology evolves, humans are still innately visual creatures. Rich imagery will help get consumers to read your brand’s message and help you move away from overtly promotional postings. Giveaways are also a great tool to getting people excited about your brand, especially if the giveaway can feature user-generated content.

Samara Anderson is a retail strategist at redpepper, a full-service, integrated advertising and marketing agency that specializes in producing creative ideas that provide real results.
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