3 Technologies to Watch From Connections 2016

Alternative SEO: Video, infographics, images, PDFs and news as SEO traffic driversSalesforce’s Connections event delivered on multiple fronts this year. Set at the Georgia Congress Center in Atlanta, this year’s event was packed with inspiring and cutting edge speakers and top quality technical sessions for attendees.

On the marketing technology front there were 30 companies, many with upgraded or new technologies on display. A few stood out for the unique value they brought to attendees. The following is a small sampling of companies who piqued our interest.


Sigstr is a newly formed company that provides marketers with a measurable way to market their companies, products, events etc. using their employees own corporate email communications. Based in Indianapolis and recently infused with $1.5 million in funding, Sigstr bring unique value and capability to an otherwise singularly purposed platform. It would put to mind the concept of transpromo marketing in the direct mail billing industry. The power of the platform is not only its elegance but also its measurability, a win win for any company that deploys this technology. www.Sigstr.com

Wrap, the Narrative Web

Another newly formed company in 2015, Wrap works to simplify and expand the quality, interactability and engagement for mobile-first marketing efforts without the need to create an app. Simple yet superbly created, the mobile experience Wrap creates is engaging and offers the ability to drive sales and loyalty all at the same time. They offer a free one month trial, it would be well worth the time. www.wrap.co


Liveclicker, although it’s been around for a couple years, continues to deliver technology enhancements for both email and video markets. With RealTimeEmail, clients can deploy content elements in real time so that the recipient is more engaged and more aped to convert to a sale, worthy of their free demo. On the video front their VideoCommerce platform provides a video management, deployment and measurement tool also worthy of their free demo. www.liveclicker.com

Chris Lyons is president and chief revenue officer of the Target Marketing Group of NAPCO Media.

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