3 Types of Images That Are Ideal for Content Marketing

Image-based content marketing is quickly becoming a staple in any online marketing strategy. As sites like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest continue to grow in popularity, and sites like Facebook place more emphasis on photo sharing, it’s easier and more important than ever to create and share attractive, interesting, informative and entertaining images online. Here are three types of images to consider adding to your online marketing mix:

1. Informative or Interesting Infographics
Popular on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blogs, infographics are long-form images that visually show a concept, stats or groups of information. People love to share these images, and bloggers love to repost them, typically linking back to your site as the original source. When creating custom infographics, make sure your business logo and link appear at the bottom of the image so your company can get the online credit for originating it. Then, post the infographic to your blog and share links to that post on your social media pages. Spread the word about your infographic to local influencers who may be interested in the topic, too.

2. “Snackable” Images
On Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, shorter-form informational images are also very popular. Essentially, these images are similar to infographics, but take a small, square format optimized for re-sharing. Some may be a combination of text and photos with instructions or information related to the image, while others are simply individual quotes or stats. They tend to generate a lot of engagement, likes and shares, particularly when they tie into the interest-graph of a brand’s target demographic. For example, Oreo shares what it calls “Daily Twist” images that feature their cookies and a unique pop culture tie-in.

3. Meme-Related Images
Memes are extremely popular types of content on social media sites. In today’s social media environment, images are one of the most popular meme formats around. If you use Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr personally, you have probably seen people re-sharing all sorts of memes. If you want to tap into a meme for your brand, make sure it’s timely, appropriate and in the voice of your brand. You can also consider creating a meme of your own. In fact, the Google+ platform allows you to easily add text onto the images you share there, so you can use your own product or social media images to create a unique meme to share. Also consider sharing a photo and asking your fans or followers to “caption” the photo or add their own meme tagline.

How are you using images in your content marketing and social media approach? Start by looking for inspiration by using sites where image-sharing is popular, and then try using a few of these ideas to help build your brand and boost engagement.

Tiffany Monhollon is a blogger for Woodland Hills, Calif.-based marketing software and services provider ReachLocal. Follow her on Twitter and Google+ or reach her at tiffany.monhollon@reachlocal.com.

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