3 Unexpected Wins That Emerged From A/B Testing

Working longer hours. Spending more on marketing. Offering the best quality products to consumers. Keeping customer service as priority number one. These are but a handful of the innumerable steps every entrepreneur takes to grow their business and take it to the next level. With the world moving online, a key contributor to the success of a business today is the quality of its web presence.

With the plethora of web design agencies dotting the landscape combined with DIY website platforms, churning out a “good” website is a given. Why, even if you’re selling something as traditional as apparel, you could go digital with a few WordPress-style edits to a readymade theme using an e-commerce enabler such as Spaces.

Users are used to “good” by now. They’ve come to expect it, even. Wowing users, making them marvel at the ease of using your site are the next steps in an increasingly competitive and sophisticated playing field. And how do you achieve that level of smoothness? A/B testing of course.

By choosing specific website features and testing out various ways users interact with these features; website owners can refine the user experience into a finely honed, data driven masterpiece. The most critical thing you need to perform a successful A/B test is an open mind. Leave those preconceived notions behind and you’ll discover tiny nuances about your website that you never even imagined existed. Here are three live cases of A/B tests with a twist. Who knows, your next test may just find inspiration right here!

Email is often considered an irritant, distracting employees from their daily to-do lists with its endless back and forth. While the option of optimizing email for task scheduling and collaboration does exist, the platform suffers a terrible reputation thanks to piles of one-line conversations, irretrievably of relevant data from threads, conversations diverting totally from their initial subject lines, and spammy marketers clogging inboxes across the board.

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