3 Ways Online Print Management Helps Reduce Costs and Waste

Advancements in technology are making it possible to move to a true online marketing management system that gives corporations the ability to better connect with customers and reduce marketing costs and waste. Here are three ways an online print management system delivers on these objectives:

  • A centralized ordering system: Materials ordered at the site can be strictly controlled by the corporate marketing team, with respect to brand and legal issues, as well as quantity. Whether it’s personalized direct mail, POP/POS materials developed for local markets or customized materials for a sales meeting, users can have the ability to order highly relevant marketing materials without the worry of waste. This makes it possible for a host of beyond-the-basics marketing materials to live on your site, including banners, table tents, POS displays, window clings, labels, menus and more, while giving those closest to the customer the ability to develop materials that make sense for their audience—when and where they need them.
  • Virtual inventory and fulfillment: Virtual inventory and fulfillment capability is another great convenience that online print management delivers. Most marketers are purchasing smaller volumes of printed materials to avoid the expense of warehousing them. Warehousing, waste and obsolescence can wreak havoc on a budget—and an environmental sustainability agenda. Digital printing technologies and multichannel output capabilities makes it possible to print personalized, full-color materials targeted to smaller, carefully selected audiences, which means less inventory and less waste. As long as the digital files are available and accessible to both the marketer and the marketing services provider, the ink-on-paper documents are only a few hours away.
  • Online tracking and monitoring of campaigns: An effective online print management system should also offer a wide range of online reporting capabilities. Information that tracks spending, product demand and inventory control should be available on demand to those who require this data. These insights will help marketers evaluate the ROI of their marketing efforts.

Marketers today are seeing their budgets shrink as management’s expectations expand. We all must look for ways to improve efficiencies—and this means finding ways to create an efficient pipeline for all types of printed marketing materials, with reduced costs and production time, no inefficiencies, and increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Daniel Defino is vice president and managing director of Tukaiz, a results-driven marketing communications service provider based in Franklin Park, IL. He can be reached at d.defino@tukaiz.com.

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