3 Iterative Keys to UX Success

Experience MeterHands down, your company’s website is its most important marketing tool. Yet, it tends to take a backseat when it comes to innovation and iteration. After launch, it’s easy to shift focus and resources to external marketing channels — social media, blogs, news sites — rather than improving the performance of your site. However, companies can no longer afford to launch a site and move on to the next win. There are endless opportunities available to you to test and learn, providing your customers with the best possible product.

By maximizing your digital property, you’re able to yield insights into your audience and better target them with messaging that resonates. Most organizations struggle to be nimble enough to respond to customers, but their feedback ultimately leads to a better, more useful product.

Ask yourself, are you making the most of your website? Here are three major principles that enterprises can use to develop a cycle of iteration and improvement within your website.

The primary goal of UX design is to ensure the needs of your business goals remain aligned with the needs of your users. No matter your best intentions, that doesn’t happen unless UX is a dedicated part of your development process. To ensure a dependable user feedback cycle and iterative development, UX and marketing strategists must be at the table with designers and developers to help choose new feature development, build targeted content and conduct ongoing user research. Cross-functional Web teams give you all the tools for fast-paced, iterative success – but they need to continually work towards a shared vision and a common goal.

Your brand needs this type of interconnected team to build relevant products and services that build meaningful connections with your customers. It’s not always easy to bring marketing, UX and product design teams together to create true impact, but the reward is immense. If this seems overwhelming, don’t fret. Your website should be an iterative platform, and that philosophy goes double for your team. Put the pieces in place, then test and adjust your process until you find a team dynamic that delivers great results for your company.

Geoff Wilson is the President and Founder of Atlanta, GA-based 352 Inc. and an evangelist for his Barely Manage to Lead philosophy. 352 is a digital product development agency specializing in product strategy, user experience design, custom web development and digital marketing.

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